We'd like you to meet Melissa Rae Kellerman. Jason Witten knows her quite well.

  • Because of its rarity, the Harbaugh Bowl produced a lot of memorable quotes and moments, and that didn’t stop last night during post-game interviews.
  • In the end the 49ers lost by more than a touchdown, but we’ll never know how much momentum would have swung in their favor if a chop-block penalty on Frank Gore didn’t wipe out a 75-yard touchdown pass to Ted Ginn in the first half. It would have been the longest TD pass of Alex Smith‘s career, and after the game Jim Harbaugh said the penalty was a result of Gore using his hands.
  • You’re not supposed to enjoy losing. You’re supposed to hate it passionately, but it’s still very possible to lose a game and do while being respectful and showing class and dignity. We know this because teams and players do it every week, in almost every game. It’s not possible, however, when Ndamukong Suh is a member of your team.
  • Sadly, there will be blind minds and voices who defend Suh, although thankfully those numbers seem to be dwindling. Suh’s actions were more than just dirty, they were unprofessional.
  • The Lions will likely and hopefully lose Suh for at least one game, and they could be playing without running back Kevin Smith next week too after he suffered a high ankle sprain.
  • In the other game Sunday that’s now in the shadow of Suh’s stomp and the Harbaugh Bowl, it was encouraging to see the Cowboys’ offense finally demonstrate an ability to overcome its own mistakes.
  • Moving on from the Thanksgiving Day festivities that kept us occupied for over 11 hours yesterday, the Buccaneers are ready to unleash rookie defensive end Da’Quan Bowers, and he could get his first career start this Sunday.
  • Nnamdi Aasomugha‘s knee injury isn’t serious, and there’s reportedly no structural damage, although it’s unknown if he’ll play this weekend when Philadelphia hosts New England.
  • Some female Oklahoma Sooners superfan who enjoys wearing very little clothing is also a huge Warren Moon fan.
  • Prior to yesterday’s games the NFL’s Facebook page had a Thanksgiving infograph that will blow your damn mind.
  • After Jason Witten took out a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, we put our hard-earned journalism educations to good use and did some quality investigative work to determine which cheerleader received the spearing. We came up empty, but we knew the Interwebs would eventually give us an answer, and late last night Darren Rovell tweeted that it was Melissa Rae (or Melissa Rae Kellerman). She was also yesterday’s “game day girl,” which is an arbitrary title given to a random highly attractive Cowboys cheerleader every week, but she still thought that would be the highlight of her day. It wasn’t…

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  1. Proof positive – Cheerleading is 2nd most dangerous sport (college)
    Cheers for Cheerios!

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