How do Eagles fans get so crazy and scary? They start 'em young...

Usually when I see videos of small children doing something that could be viewed as cute, I chuckle heartily, and move on. The Internet is over flowing with kids saying the darndest things, and most of it’s probably orchestrated by their loving parents anyway.

But there’s something about this little guy that grabbed me, and it was likely the violent, rage-filled hat slam that’s the finale of his 10 seconds of Andy Reid hatred. After several viewings and some intense listening with the help of the children’s Rosetta Stone, it seems that hat slam is actually inspired by the child’s demand that the Eagles “give DeSean Jackson his money dammit!!!”

At just three years old, he’s already well-groomed to be a Philadelphia sports fan. Be loud, be mad, be violent, and rap terribly in the rare times that you’re happy.

Thanks for the latest in infant anger, Sports Grid.