The Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t received this much national attention since…well since Nov. 30, 1993, when the city was awarded the franchise.

On the same day that the team made only its second head-coaching change in franchise history, a much heavier move has been made at the top. After years of denying rumors that the franchise was for sale, Wayne Weaver has sold the Jags.

So apparently he fired Jack Del Rio as a parting gift to general manager Gene Smith, who also received a contract extension.

Shahid Khan, who tried and failed to purchase the St. Louis Rams last year, takes over. And the fact that Khan is based out of Illinois should cause concern for football fans in Jacksonville. Weaver, who is an alumnus of the University of Florida, had an emotional tie to the team. Khan does not.

Weaver said today that he’s confident Khan will keep the team in Jacksonville, but this is the same guy who kept saying that he wouldn’t sell the franchise, so it’s hard to take him at his word on that one. And as Weaver noted during his press conference, nothing’s in writing.

The Jaguars are the least valuable franchise in the NFL, and Kahn is smart enough to know that he can change that in bigger markets such as Los Angeles, Toronto and (dare I say it) London.