As if we haven’t been exposed to enough by watching him play this season, we get more proof that Josh Freeman isn’t an actual gunslinger via Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune:

Freeman needed five stitches in his right thumb following a gun mishap at a local firing range on Oct. 31.

The club acknowledged the mishap on Tuesday after questions by The Tampa Tribune. Previously, the Bucs had only confirmed that Freeman had sprained his right thumb in the late stages of a 24-18 loss against Chicago at London on Oct. 23. Freeman wore a wrap on his injured thumb during the overseas flight when the Bucs returned to Tampa the next day, said team spokesman Jonathan Grella.

On Tuesday, Grella confirmed Freeman also suffered a small cut on the outside of his right thumb Oct. 31 due to an unexpected recoil while firing a gun at a range in Tampa.

In Freeman’s defense, this wasn’t a violation of his contract, he didn’t miss any practice time and he had his best game of the season six days after the incident.

Still, his numbers are down across the board this year, and his decision-making has been scrutinized heavily. His regression isn’t tied to this accident, but it’s another lump the 23-year-old is going to have to take.

And as I’ve said before, anyone who criticizes Freeman for having the gall to do take part in a recreational non-football activity despite being a football player probably has to reconsider his or her own priorities.

Besides, it could have been worse…