You shouldn’t have any betting in the locker room at all, whether it’s baseball or it’s horses. You can’t beat the horses. You can’t beat any kind of gambling because they have the odds.

– George Steinbrenner

That’s wise, George, real wise, at least as it applies to a sports locker room. The gambling odds, however, can be beaten, especially when you’re betting on the futility of the 2011 Indianapolis Colts.

Those odds were pretty appealing to one anonymous California man who saw a lucrative opportunity through an offshore sports betting website in late August. According to Beyond the Bets, this man known only by his Twitter handle (@Pistol_Pete82) threw down $10 at 1,000-1 odds on the Colts going winless.

Hindsight now allows us to look at this wager as a blatantly obvious bet, and one we all should have made too as Peyton Manning’s neck injury worsened late this past summer, and it began to look like he’d miss significant time. But remember, Manning wasn’t officially ruled out until only a week before Week 1, and at that time he was still peddling false hope and saying he’d only miss a few weeks.

That’s when our man Pistol Pete dropped his sawbuck, and he was motivated by more than just the minimal financial risk.

From Beyond the Bets:

“My rationale was simple: Peyton has made a ton of money in his career already, why chance it if this thing is serious? We’re not talking about some ligament damage in a knee, we are talking about his spine and neck. There is no way a multi-million dollar enterprise like Peyton, Inc., is going to take any chances or rush a neck injury.”

He’s right, and now he’s five games away from an easy 10k, but he has to clear two major hurdles: a depleted Texans team in Week 16, followed by the offensively inept Jaguars.

Thanks, Off The Bench