Now I want to go to Indianapolis

There are many wonderful things about the city of Indianapolis. For starters, it’s Indiana’s largest city, so that’s something, and it’s proudly home to Aron Ralston, the actual guy from 127 Hours.

But it’s not the home of good dancing, singing, or song writing.

A group of Indianapolis tourism-related businesses decided it would be a wise marketing move to create a viral video as the nauseating big business blitz to the Super Bowl in their city this February begins. On that front they were correct, as making a video that’s appealing to Internet’s eyeballs is always a smart business decision. The Interwebs have been known to turn irrelevant and talentless people into celebrities, so a bit of harmless event marketing should be easy.

And I guess it worked, because I’m posting their video, and you’re about to watch it. But that’s only happening because of their rather unwise decision to parody the Chicago Bears’ famous Super Bowl shuffle.

You’ll either want to watch this repeatedly because it’s so terrifying, or you won’t last past the 15-second mark.

Thanks for the earache, Buzz Feed.