Philadelphia is a town that worships a fictional boxer, and its reputation as an unruly and brutal sports city is fueled by the many instances of questionable fan conduct, and the haste with which fans express their displeasure.

But those two character traits aren’t necessarily negative. They’re the product of a sports environment with its passion so deeply-embedded that it borders on an obsession, and that seems to become even more intense every fall with the Eagles. Philly has celebrated just one sports championship since 1983 (the Phillies in 2008), and this year the Dream Team looked prepared to bring the city its first Super Bowl banner since 1960.

Barring a Rockey-esque miracle, that won’t happen. But prior to the Eagles’ Monday night loss to Chicago earlier this month, Paul Brothers found out that the fading championship aspirations in Philadelphia haven’t dampened the tailgating spirit.

Grown men still imitate real eagles, and they discuss plans to burn the city down when the Eagles finally win a Super Bowl in their lifetime.

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  1. i stopped reading after your piss poor lede of “Philadelphia is a town that worships a fictional boxer.” I understand how an outsider sees it that way, but the fact of the matter is that Joe Lewis (rip) will always been the only boxer trulyworshiped in the city of brotherly love.

    • Oh c’mon now, you can’t really be that sensitive. It was a small quip, and not even a very original at that. Someone in the video who’s from Philadelphia said the same line in passing.

  2. To the girl at the 2:45 mark. I want to marry you. NO JOKE.

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