• Brian Billick isn’t young or cheap, and that takes him out of the running to be the next head coach in Jacksonville.
  • Wayne Weaver repeatedly said that he’ll never sell the Jaguars, and now he’s sold the Jaguars. So could someone please remind us why anyone’s believing him this time as he says that new ownership won’t move the team?
  • Mark Sanchez deserves criticism for being inaccurate, and for generally showing an inability to consistently lead an offense that has plenty of receiving talent into the end zone. But maybe we should ease up a bit when we start questioning if he’s actually trying.
  • A female Bills fan spit on some guy wearing dark glasses in a Jets jersey, and then dark glasses guy started to flail his arms wildly and throw trash. Yep, just another Sunday in New York.
  • Ndamukong Suh‘s history of idiocy has its roots in high school.
  • And his history of denial is ongoing, as Suh is appealing his two-game suspension, and he’s legitimately hoping that it’ll get reduced to one game. Good luck with that.
  • When that appeal is unsuccessful, rookie first-round pick Nick Fairley will replace Suh and make his first-career start this week against New Orleans.
  • Troy Polamalu has suffered seven officially diagnosed concussions at between three levels of competitive football (two with the Steelers, three with USC, and two in high school). After being sleazy and calling his current case “concussion-like symptoms,” the Steelers are confident Polamalu will play this weekend against Cincinnati.
  • Reggie Bush had good intentions when he sent his best wishes to former teammate Steve Gleason via Twitter. He had really, really good intentions. He just didn’t do much research.
  • The fate of Andy Reid will be the center of speculation for the next month or so in Philadelphia, but the future of the Eagles and the decisions that have to be made go far beyond the head coach.
  • Denver’s read option is fun, exciting, and highly entertaining. But the chatter about Tim Tebow‘s effectiveness in that offense will change once he gets hurt.
  • The fake Kyle Orton looks a lot like the real Kyle Orton, and his mom invites Tebow over for dinner and makes her special meat loaf.

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