• You know, maybe yesterday’s arrest and the resulting happy picture seen above can be turned into a positive by Rolando McClain and the Oakland coaching staff, because here’s a young man who’s clearly able to stay poised and put a gleeful, wide-grinned face on anything. Then again, it’s quite difficult to find anything good about accusations of holding a gun to another man’s head.
  • ESPN medical guru Stephania Bell provided further analysis on the encouraging update given by Peyton Manning‘s doctor yesterday, saying that the nerve regeneration process is still a delicate one that needs to be monitored.
  • It’s nice and wonderful that Manning received encouraging news, but for Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star it doesn’t matter. Kravitz writes that having Manning and Andrew Luck on the same sideline would be a poor front office decision.
  • DeSean Jackson is addicted to quitting and being an immature little boy, and a shot of him on the sideline last night was the pinnacle of his indifferent attitude.
  • After the game Jackson didn’t feel like answering questions about his latest display of douchebagery, an evening of stupidity that was documented by Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • JaMarcus Russell might be considering a comeback, just not an NFL comeback. If you’d like to gauge the likelihood of Russell succeeding at anything, please remember that this is the same guy who was abandoned by his life coach.
  • Perry Fewell is angry, and when Perry Fewell is angry he calls out his players publicly and loudly.
  • Citing two widely recognized and indisputable facts about Donovan McNabb (his age and rapidly diminishing skills), Bear Goggles On thinks Chicago should pass on the recently released veteran quarterback.
  • The baseball mathematicians over at Getting Blanked would probably give Tony Romo a violent high five and perhaps even a butt slap after his comments regarding the stats that show his December deficiencies.
  • Speaking of stats, Behind the Steel Curtain dug up some interesting numbers regarding sub-.500 playoff teams. Since 2004, at least one team with five or fewer wins heading into Week 13 has qualified for the playoffs, a seven-year stretch that could in this year.
  • And here’s Marshawn Lynch tasting the rainbow…

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