With the lockout long over, Ron and Brian haven't had much to do. Thankfully, Favre Watch is back.

So hey, remember that time when I wrote about the ongoing injury disaster in Chicago, and then reluctantly labeled Donovan McNabb the “only option left” at quarterback for the Bears who’s not named Caleb Hanie? Surely you remember, because it was about 20 minutes ago.

Well, it seems that my nasty habit of overlooking 42-year-old retired quarterbacks who haven’t thrown a football in months has returned. Yes, the name of the ancient one has been invoked during Chicago’s time of desperation, and each keyboard punch as I type this becomes increasingly more painful.

The phone isn’t ringing in Mississippi yet, and it probably, hopefully, mercifully won’t. But if it does and Bears head coach Lovie Smith is on the other end, Brett Favre would pick up, and he’d listen.

Now, I know you’re reading another Favre report with calm and poise, and this isn’t subject matter that would ever cause a wide-sweeping overreaction filled with the kind of venom and vitriol that instantly makes ‘Brett Favre” a trending topic on Twitter worldwide. And I’m glad you actually take the time to read a report that starts with the headline “Favre would talk to Bears.”

For those of you who began to immediately throw objects at your closest cubicle neighbor, please take a moment to be enlightened by Mike C. Wright of ESPNChicago.com:

The Chicago Bears’ dire situation at quarterback hasn’t pointed the club in the direction of future Hall of Famer Brett Favre, but a source familiar with the quarterback said Favre would listen if the Bears made a pitch.

The Bears haven’t contacted the 42-year-old Favre, who has spent a good portion of his recent days hunting, and it’s highly doubtful the team is interested. Even if the sides eventually touch base, it’s unclear whether the Bears could lure Favre out of retirement. The source said Favre would listen, but his answer could be that he’ll stay retired. The source also said Favre has been working out and staying in shape.

See, that isn’t so bad, right? He’d talk, he’d listen, but he’d probably still choose shooting wild animals over playing quarterback again.

McNabb is 35, and he’s seven years younger than Favre. Neither veteran is a dependable option, but if desperation in Chicago has truly reached the point where two highly inadequate and aging quarterbacks are receiving legitimate consideration, the Bears should side with the younger arm who’s at the very least demonstrated he can still take some degree of physical abuse.

Favre probably can’t even make if through a full Bears practice if Corey Wootton is on the field. Seeing Favre in a Bears uniform is downright blasphemous for anyone in Green Bay, and maybe worse than his Vikings colors. But that sight becoming reality is extremely unlikely, especially with the Bears repeatedly shooting down the possibility of a veteran addition to their QB depth chart.

We can still dream about Favre playing Tim Tebow this Sunday in Denver. We’re pretty sure that’s the event our forefathers described in their ancient folklore that would begin civilization’s rapid decay.