Eventually we'll run out of good Tim Tebow God references. I fear for us all.

  • The Lions won’t beat elite teams like New Orleans if they’re consistently moving themselves backwards with penalties. Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel doesn’t know the answer, but he writes that the root of the problem is split between two opposing attitudes. The Lions are part selfish, and part selfless, and they often lean too far towards both.
  • Wes Welker may have slipped from his record-setting pace from earlier this season, but he’s still reaching milestones. With four games remaining he’s already established career highs in receptions and receiving yards.
  • Turning a 31-3 lead at the end of the third quarter into a narrow 31-24 victory, and allowing the league’s worst team to score 21 unanswered fourth quarter points made Bill Belichick transform back into the usual grumpy and mumbling post-game Belichick the media has come to know and hate. The Patriots need that Belichick.
  • Offensively the Jets are flawed, but somehow they often stay within reach and then magically summon the ability to win a game late in the fourth quarter. Yes, Mark Sanchez has been sprinkled with a bit of the Tim Tebow fairy dust.
  • Despite the growing tidal wave that is Tebowmania, Tebow doesn’t realistically belong in the Pro Bowl. But if we think of reality a little differently and remember that the Pro Bowl game itself is an irrelevant and absurd joke, then we can quickly acknowledge that someone will back out and create a space for Jesus.
  • Giants tight end Travis Beckum knows that he’s pretty damn good, which is either confidence, cockiness, or a bit of both.
  • Jon Gruden was examined in long-read form by the New Yorker. I know Gruden isn’t exactly the kind of character you would typically have lunch with, but if you don’t have time now this one’s worth a bookmark for a few idle minutes later on today.
  • He did it very diplomatically, subtly, and indirectly, but Peyton Manning said that Bill Polian is lying.
  • Jason Garrett‘s explanation of his clock mismanagement and poor use of timeouts is troubling and confusing.
  • The NFL really enjoys money, and receiving a lot of it in large sums. That’s why the league is set to renew its broadcasting agreements with CBS, Fox, and NBC, and the new contracts will reportedly result in fee increases of over 60 percent.
  • Allen Wilson, a long time Bills beat reporter for the Buffalo News, passed away at the age of 49 this weekend after a battle with leukemia. If you missed Jerry Sullivan’s tribute to Wilson, you should read that now.
  • Hakeem Nicks’ awesome one-handed grab is pretty awesome…

Lead pic via Lindsay Jones