Here’s a look at who’d be where if the season were only 12 games long, along with our spin on each team’s status…

1. New England Patriots (9-3) — Win in Denver in Week 15 and they probably have the top seed.
2. Houston Texans (9-3) — Are they finally primed to slip up with a road game in Cincinnati this week?
3. Baltimore Ravens (9-3) — But keep in mind that in a two-way tie, the Ravens are ahead of Houston.
4. Denver Broncos (7-5) — Momentum and the schedule suggest they’ll hold on and win the division.
5. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3) — To win the division, they’ll likely have to win in San Francisco in Week 15.
6. Cincinnati Bengals (7-5) — Can’t beat good teams and they still have Houston and Baltimore.
7. Tennessee Titans (7-5) — A win against New Orleans or Houston could do it.
8. Oakland Raiders (7-5) — Losing momentum with Green Bay, San Fran and Detroit still on the schedule.
9. New York Jets (7-5) — Regaining momentum but it’s a traffic jam. No gimmes after this week in KC.

1. Green Bay Packers (12-0) — They’ll be 15-1, minimum.
2. San Francisco 49ers (10-2) — Likely to have the tiebreaker over New Orleans.
3. New Orleans Saints (9-3) — Quite possibly the hottest team in the league. Seriously.
4. Dallas Cowboys (7-5) — Have a bad feeling about them, especially with the Giants coming up twice.
5. Chicago Bears (7-5) — Could have a tough time finishing 9-7 with Caleb Hanie under center.
6. Atlanta Falcons (7-5) — They should survive by default.
7. Detroit Lions (7-5) — Should finish 2-2 and sneak in. The Jay Cutler injury saved them.
8. New York Giants (6-6) — Have to finish 3-1 (and probably beat Dallas twice) but the schedule’s tough.

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  1. According to both the yahoo and ESPN scenario generators, the Ravens will take the top seed if they win all the rest of their games, leaving the Patriots fighting for the 2nd seed.

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