• “I think I’m going to hopefully play professional football if a team will have me.” We doubt that’s going to be a problem, Andrew Luck.
  • Jim Schwartz doesn’t think his team has been overly dirty or undisciplined, and he certainly doesn’t think the Lions coaching staff deserves to be blamed for any mental lapses in judgment that have lead to penalties.
  • Tom Coughlin is sick to his stomach, and it’s all Jeff Triplette’s fault.
  • If the Bears really aren’t calling Donovan McNabb now with their sorry quarterback situation, we’re likely witnessing the end of his career, so Andrew Brandt‘s obituary seems pretty appropriate.
  • I can tolerate the Tim Tebow Pro Bowl columns, because unfortunately there’s a logical argument to be made in support of Tebow going to Hawaii. But please, Internet, screw off with your Tebow for MVP columns.
  • Jason Whitlock wrote a column that isn’t very Whitlocky at all. He told us why Tebow is different from Michael Vick and Vince Young, two other recent athletic quarterbacks. Hint: it has something to do with Jesus.
  • The only person who doesn’t want to talk about Tebow is the man who controls his future, or at least his future in Denver.
  • The Ravens will continue holding Ray Lewis out and giving him more time to heal during games that should be easy wins, like this past week against Cleveland, and next week against Indy. Then he’ll likely return on Dec. 18, just in time to face the Chargers.
  • PFT’s Mike Florio noticed a set of dots that remained unconnected in yesterday’s lengthy Jon Gruden profile by the New Yorker, and the dots are rather obvious and glaring.
  • A weatherman based in Pennsylvania who’s a Colts fan pledged to wear his wife’s underwear to work for the rest of the season if Indy beat New England. Sure, the Colts came close with their second-half comeback and nearly shocked the world, but any man backing an 0-11 team against Tom Brady in a wager involving women’s undergarments is clearly just looking for an excuse to wear something lacy, and this was way too easy.
  • Don’t ever change, Jaguars…

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