We’re not trying to diminish another act of drunken idiocy on a Sunday afternoon at a football stadium, a place where testosterone and alcohol often blend to create an environment that’s intolerably rich in stupidity. And we’re not trying to diminish this man’s evidently horrific post-game experience this past Sunday in Cleveland after another Browns loss that’s dutifully documented in the video below.

But c’mon, local media. I’ve had worse wounds from fights with neighborhood cats, making this either the first attack with a plastic knife that made the nightly news, or it was indeed a vicious car key attack.

These kinds of stories magnify a problem that isn’t a problem at all, and they reinforce a false public belief that the NFL is battling a fan violence epidemic. This “attack” warrants a passing note in a news ticker, or maybe a quick wire story on a website or newspaper. Not a feature that’s nearly two minutes long.

Thanks, Busted Coverage