I don’t care that it’s an old rivalry or that it’s a battle of division opponents, tonight’s game kinda sucks. In fact, it’s been a tough year for prime-time, nationally-televised NFL games, hasn’t it? I mean, we’ve seen quite a few bad teams in these games. Remember earlier in the year when it seemed like the Colts and Dolphins were on national TV every weekend? We’ve also seen quite enough of the Jaguars and Chiefs and Seahawks.

And tonight, we get the Browns. And although Cleveland is a somewhat/almost respectable 4-8, the team is actually a lot worse than that. Their four wins have come at home against Jacksonville (by three points), Seattle (by three points) and Miami (by a point) and on the road against winless Indianapolis.

Does anyone actually expect Cleveland to go into Pittsburgh, where they haven’t won since 2003, and put up a fight? The Steelers outscored the Browns 69-19 in their two meetings last year and have outscored them by an average of 21 points in their last three meetings at Heinz Field.

Some want to call this a potential trap game with San Francisco on deck, but the Steelers are too hot right now, and they’ve never overlooked the Browns in the past. This is a team that steps on the throats of the weak, and that’ll again be the case tonight. The Steelers have covered the spread five of the last seven times they’ve hosted Cleveland. Fourteen points is a lot, but Pittsburgh should still manage to cover again.

GLS prediction: Steelers 31, Browns 13

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  1. I think something has to be said about how the Steelers have not been able to beat up on the crappy teams, and lets face it the Browns are crappy…
    PIT has made it close barley beating the Colts in week 3 (23-20), Made it close in Jacksonville (17-13) and they barley got away with a win in KC (13-9).
    Not to mention the long list of injuries to the Steelers they may sit and rest some players in the 4th if up by 10 points.
    Overall I have to disagree with the pick for more of my thoughts I wrote them in stone here;

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