Browns linebacker Scott Fujita broke his hand during Cleveland’s Week 12 loss to Cincinnati, and the veteran’s second season playing in the Mistake by the Lake was soon declared over.

That started the usual cycle of NFL injury rehab that we rarely acknowledge: surgery, treatment, more treatment, and many hours in a workout room while a trainer yells something. So in case you wondered what that cycle looks like in its early stages, Fujita was nice enough to tweet a picture of his hand earlier this morning.

If you caught this when he tweeted it at about 8 a.m. ET, Fujita hopes that you enjoyed your breakfast while looking at his gnarly, black and blue hand that’s swelled to twice its normal size.

This is one of the few NFL injuries that would also keep me from doing my job. So I feel invigorated and energized knowing that even a hulking linebacker couldn’t write a post about a hulking linebacker’s hand injury if he’s the one with the broken hand.

And with that, I’ll now take another swig of my Neo Citran as I battle this minor cold.