• Thanks a lot, Tim Tebow. Now you’re making attractive female athletes like Lindsey Vonn imitate your message to the heavens when they could be doing far more visually appealing poses.
  • The power of Tebow knows no boundaries. Opposing teams and media members are now hoping to tap into his other-worldly connections, with a Chicago reporter asking him to pray for Jay Cutler’s thumb. Tebow is all things to all living beings, so it’s his obligation to safeguard the health of his fellow man.
  • As far as Tebow and his future is concerned, Pat Yasinskas thinks it’s time for John Elway to fully commit to the man who runs often, passes little, and wins all the time, every time.
  • Texans cornerback Johnathan Joseph will face his old team for the first time this weekend, and in a conference call he told the Cincinnati media that he left the Bengals for economic reasons, and because of the perceived direction of the team at the time.
  • DeSean Jackson is having a terrible year on the field, but he’s doing just fine with the ladies.
  • In its debut issue, NFL Magazine gave Peyton Manning the league’s MVP Award over other players who have, you know, played a game this season. That made Dwight Freeney angry.
  • Gary Kubiak thinks that Andy Dalton looks a lot like Brett Favre. Kubiak means that as a football player he looks like Favre, of course, because no one can possibly be as handsome as the Wrangler man.
  • The Detroit Lions would really enjoy it if someone not named Calvin Johnson started to consistently catch balls and make plays.
  • Logic dictates that with his regular quarterback and running back now out, Mike Martz will restructure his offense in an effort to nurse Caleb Hanie to life. But that would be far too easy.
  • The Internet has given us a song about Cutler’s thumb, and it’s rather rhythmic and poetic…

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