• We’re not sure if Ben Roethlisberger feels pain, or if he has the bones and muscles of a normal human. But as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ron Cook writes, after last night we’ve again been reminded of his ability to block out pain and continue clawing for a win.
  • As valiant as Big Ben’s second half performance was last night during the Steelers win, it’s still difficult to envision him doing that again over an entire game if he can only put 20 ounces of weight on his injured ankle.
  • No one expected the Browns to give the Steelers a fight at Heinz Field, even with Roethlisberger hobbling. But there they were in a four-pout game until a late fourth quarter Steelers touchdown, even though Colt McCoy still wasn’t doing much to save his job beyond this season.
  • Fines have been meaningless for James Harrison. They simply haven’t registered in his football mind, a fact illustrated again last night by his helmet-to-helmet hit on McCoy.
  • Even though it looked nasty, Harrison could avoid a fine or further punishment because of a loophole in the rule book.
  • Despite all the tension he’s created in the locker room and his massively disappointing production,¬†Dawgpound Daily thinks the Browns need to re-sign Peyton Hillis.
  • The Packers have handed out 185,000 pieces of paper since Tuesday that give the holder of said paper the feeling of false team ownership. Well done, capitalism.
  • Grantland’s Bill Barnwell has a fantastically amusing take down of an absurd Michael Vick commercial that begins with the Eagles quarterback philosophically questioning the existence of electricity.
  • Also filed under fantastic: “Cutty Come Back,” a sad Bears song that pleads for the return of Jay Cutler.
  • Justin Tuck hates Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots. Therefore, he’ll never play for the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Patriots cornerback Antwaun Molden is a small guy who’s beaten some big odds.
  • Nathan’s Giant Hamburgers used a very Raider-like slogan in a billboard ad adjacent to the O.co Coliseum. That’s not a wise move given the Raiders’ deeply-embedded love for suing people and legal entities.
  • A week ago Percy Harvin had his latest migraine, and he experienced what a Vikings official called “migraine-like symptoms.”
  • Like many others in the NFL blogosphere, Total Packers enjoyed lampooning the complete and utter idiocy surrounding any legitimate discussion of Tim Tebow‘s MVP credentials.
  • And in case you missed it, here are the highlights from a surprisingly entertaining game last night in Pittsburgh…

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  1. I think the helmet should be redesigned so it can’t be used as a weapon. Maybe three layers: a thin layer of padding against the head, a thin shell in the middle, and then a thick layer of padding on the outside. A design like this would probably protect the head just as well while reducing the ability to use the helmet as a ram. The crown of the helmet could have more padding, or it could even have a shock absorbing system, since that is the most dangerous part of the helmet.

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