We’re talking about Cheesehead Nation, of course. Other parts of the continent already have their own savior, and he’s the kind of fearless and focused leader who’s indestructible because his first drink as a small child was a tall glass of ice water, and he doesn’t even acknowledge bikini-clad women.

But for those who can’t be saved by the power of Tim Tebow and instead support an undefeated team that’s somehow being overshadowed by the Denver quarterback, there’s a far more pressing matter today: Greg Jennings, and the latest serious injury sustained by a key player on a playoff team. We’re tracking Jennings’ knee 140 characters at a time, and although there’s still nothing definitive right now and there likely won’t be until later this afternoon, the reports continue to bad, but not devastating.

Late last night the first potential diagnosis filtered down from Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal, who reported that the “most likely scenario” is a torn MCL that won’t require surgery, an injury with a wide-ranging recovery time that would keep Jennings sidelined for two-to-six weeks.

Fast forward to Monday afternoon and we’re still waiting for the MRI results, but NFL Network’s Albert Breer confirmed that the Packers believe it is indeed an MCL injury. He then added a time line that’s either optimistic, or realistic.

I’m going to side with realistic, although I base that on only the plethora of reports circulating, and no medical experience whatsoever.

Regardless of the severity, it’s pretty safe to assume that with the Packers three games up on the 49ers for home field advantage in the NFC and only three games remaining, we’ve seen the last of Jennings during the 2011 regular season. If the hope outlined by Breer’s report isn’t more hopeful than feasible, then Jennings has five weeks to recover before the Packers play a snap of meaningful football again in the divisional round.

Every snap is meaningful for an undefeated team that really, really wants to make history and stay undefeated. But if we disregard that pursuit–and as far as Jennings is concerned, we are–the Packers’ remaining schedule is purely and clearly little more than recovery time.

Or Mike McCarthy could say to hell with it, and play Jennings even though he’s seriously injured. Everyone knows he can hold the weight of an entire franchise on one leg, and he’ll put the team on his back.