Here’s a look at who’d be where if the season were only 13 games long, along with our spin on each team’s status…

1. Houston Texans (10-3) — With four AFC teams at 10-3, the race for byes is a mess.
2. Baltimore Ravens (10-3) — Have the tiebreaker edge over every 10-3 team, and three weak teams coming in.
3. New England Patriots (10-3) — The league’s worst defense was torched by Washington, but the sked’s easy.
4. Denver Broncos (8-5) — Don’t overreact if they lose to New England. Two easy ones after that.
5. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) — Kind of a mess but they keep winning. San Fran challenge Monday night.
6. New York Jets (8-5) — Might get in by default. Raiders, Titans and Bengals all lost in Week 14.
7. Tennessee Titans (7-6) — Playing better than Cincy and Oakland, and running the table isn’t insane.
8. Cincinnati Bengals (7-6) — Losers of four out of five and still have to play red-hot Arizona and Baltimore.
9. Oakland Raiders (7-6) — Too many injuries, and now an equally desperate Detroit team.

1. Green Bay Packers (13-0) — They’ve clinched the bye and will wrap up the top seed in Kansas City.
2. San Francisco 49ers (10-3) — Tiebreak edge over New Orleans but Pittsburgh and Seattle on deck.
3. New Orleans (10-3) — Survived in Tennessee, and now they have all the momentum. Sked’s not bad.
4. New York Giants (7-6) — Battle with Dallas will probably come down to Week 17.
5. Atlanta Falcons (8-5) — Still have to go to New Orleans, so they aren’t free yet.
6. Detroit Lions (8-5) — Still have to go to Oakland and Green Bay, so they aren’t free either.
7. Chicago Bears (7-6) — Three straight losses and two tough games coming up. They’re probably done.
8. Dallas Cowboys (7-6) — Beware of the Eagles in Week 16.
9. Arizona Cardinals (6-7) — Could at least force tiebreaker math if they can finish 3-0. Schedule’s easy.