• Anonymous players told Mike Freeman that evading team doctors to avoid being diagnosed with a concussion and losing playing time is a common practice. What’s worse is that training staffs are casually looking the other way and letting them get away with it.
  • We may have seen an act of concussion concealment first hand last Thursday when Colt McCoy was allowed to re-enter the game after he was bulldozed by James Harrison.Waiting For Next Year wonders when the Browns will end their off-field distractions, and why there wasn’t someone on the sideline designated to stop a concussed player as he trotted back onto the field.
  • And of course Harrison doesn’t think he should be suspended.
  • The South Florida Sun-Sentinel shows us that there were far more lowlights than highlights during the Tony Sparano era in Miami, with his coaching time line reflecting a staggering degree of inconsistency.
  • Sparano deserved to be fired, but he also deserved far better treatment and respect from Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.
  • What began as a pleasant marriage turned into a bitter divorce between Todd Haley and Chiefs GM Scott Pioli. Haley considered resigning before he was fired so that he could tell his side of the story.
  • As much as many would love to keep the Bill O’Brien vs. Tom Brady feud narrative alive, yesterday was just another Monday in Bill Belichick‘s existence.
  • The Christmas Eve game between the Jets and Giants could be some pretty compelling television.
  • If the current playoff picture holds (and it probably won’t, but indulge us), then the Steelers and Broncos are on a collision course. Be scared of the lord’s wrath, Steelers fans.
  • Hobbies are great, whether it’s stamp collecting, or puddle jumping. But I’ve never understood what drives collectors to spend thousands on game-worn jerseys, especially when they can be easily doctored.
  • At times, last night’s game was some of the worst football in recent memory. Thankfully you didn’t have to expose yourself to it if you waited until this very second to watch our highlights…

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