We’ve been told it goes down a little rough, but almost always gets the job done and has superb aftertaste. A brewing company in Eagle, Colo. is about to launch its newest beer: Tebrew.

But like Tebow himself, it hasn’t been tapped yet. Bonfire Brewing says it is waiting for special glasses to arrive before debuting the ale, presumably on Sunday.

The name, of course, sounds quite Judaic, which is odd. But I suppose there aren’t any better options. Tebeer sounds weird and possibly Danish.

And before you stomp around cursing the Tebow fanaticism plaguing the state of Colorado, considering that the folks at Bonfire are clearly having fun with this. From their Facebook page:

“Tebrew will be good for a variety of things — tolerating watching all that Tebowing; celebrating in victory or drowning the sorrow of a loss; dulling the pain of being the victim of a #tebowtipping. It will not, however, absolve you of any sins. In fact, it may cause you to commit many more.”