• Kids, GLS does not endorse Tebowling.
  • After reading James Harrison‘s latest comments about his suspension made to former teammate Jerome Bettis, it’s taking every ounce of energy I have to resist writing another ranting post calling him a stubborn, ignorant, anti-evolution fool. That post has been written many times, but we may have to write it a few more.
  • Even Harrison’s coach is willing to publicly acknowledge that his linebacker is still playing archaic football by 2011 standards. Step away from the darkness, James.
  • Somehow on Wednesday morning we’re still talking about Brady v. O’Brien. From August until January at the earliest, the time coaches and players spend with each other is on par with the time they spend with their families. Fights and arguments happen, and they’re over as quickly as they start.
  • Bart Scott can’t wait for Santa Claus.
  • And Drew Brees discovered that Elmo is 24 inches tall.
  • It’s easy for Mike McCarthy to keep saying that everything is status quo as far as playing time for his starters is concerned. But will he still be saying that after this week when the Packers steamroll KC and wrap up home field advantage?
  • Romeo Crennel takes a much different approach to the media than Todd Haley, and that immediately became clear when he started to speak at his first press conference as the Chiefs’ interim head coach yesterday.
  • Crennel’s straight-shooting answers included an admission that he hasn’t decided on his quarterback for this week’s game against the Packers. Could we get a Ricky Stanzi sighting?
  • We’re deep into the time of year when fans and media members begin drawing squiggly lines on napkins to outline the multiple playoff scenarios. This is what feeds our addiction, and keeps spirits high for Cowboys fans who are still recovering from a crushing loss.
  • Two Buffalo beat writers for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle tried to answer one of life’s great mysteries: how did the Bills win five games?
  • Need more Tim Tebow? Don’t worry, because People analyzed his fashion tastes, his chiseled chest, and other important matters.
  • Terry Bradshaw‘s Florida home that’s built on a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course can be yours for the bargain price of $1.4 million.
  • There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Mitch Mustain. He graduated high school the same year as Tebow, and he was actually rated as a better collegiate prospect than the future Heisman winner and Broncos savior. Five years later, Mustain has signed on with the AFL while working at a friend’s car dealership, putting the Marine corps temporarily on hold.

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  1. my score might of been bad but atleast he could still walk away from it =)

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