• 40,000 fans will receive $1 million worth of Jockey products if company pitchman Tim Tebow leads his Broncos to a championship. So if Denver advances to the title game, they’ll be playing it for all the undergarments.
  • People want to talk a lot about Tebow this week, which means this week isn’t much different than any other week. But the Denver Tebows are playing the New England Rob Gronkowskis Tom Bradys, so the Tebow chatter has increased to even more nauseating levels. Bill Belichick is cool with talking about Tebow, just not the time he almost drafted him.
  • “Why does this apparently genuine, God-fearing guy make so many people uncomfortable simply by not doing or saying anything designed to make them feel uncomfortable?”– Ron Borges asks and attempts to answer this question, one that we’ll continue to debate until the day Tebow no longer plays professional football.
  • It’s been a frustrating, injury-plagued season for Sam Bradford, and the Rams may have to consider shutting him down.
  • The NFC championship game between the Vikings and Saints feels like it was played at least a decade ago. It wasn’t, of course, and it’s remarkable to look back on the two very different paths taken by two very different franchises since that game in late January of 2010.
  • Shonn Greene is powering the Jets’ playoff push.
  • Mike Holmgren is taking the good ol’ “with us or against us” approach with the Cleveland media after the Browns severely mishandled the Colt McCoy injury on the field, and from a public relations standpoint.
  • Jay Cutler said there’s a small, slim, outside chance he could return for the Bears’ game against the Packers on Christmas night.
  • The Raiders’ trademark secrecy is getting pretty frustrating, especially as it relates to their training room.
  • Hall of Fame linebacker and former Redskin Sam Huff thinks the four-game suspensions given to Trent Williams and Fred Davis for violating the league’s substance abuse policy is too severe. Hell, back in Huff’s day team sponsors placed a case of beer and a carton of cigarettes in players’ lockers.
  • Jason La Canfora reports that Jim Caldwell will “unequivocally” be canned if the Colts go 0-16. While this isn’t surprising, is his job then saved if they win one game and beat the lowly Jaguars? Realistically, Jim Irsay has already made his decision, and he’s likely just waiting for Black Monday to arrive.

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  1. Belichick was never going to draft Tebow. The fact that BB respects Tebow does not mean he wanted him playing quarterback for the Patriots. If you see a cute girl and admire her from a distance does that mean you were about to marry her? Of course not.

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