No, Troy, last night's game actually ended when it was put on the schedule.

  • We’ve been rough on Blaine Gabbert, and we compared him to Jimmy Clausen about a month ago. Gabbert is skittish, immobile, inaccurate, and generally unprepared to be an NFL quarterback. But what was glaring last night under the national spotlight is that other than Maurice Jones-Drew he has no support, and that’s a recipe for quick career derailment.
  • Joe Theismann has a solution for Gabbert, and it primarily involves mentoring, experience, and a lot of film study. So, you know, basic coaching, something that requires patience Jacksonville may not have.
  • Jeff Fisher and Bill Cowher are expected to receive calls about the Dolphins head coaching vacancy. If Brian Billick gets a call too, he’d be interested.
  • When the report that police have a list of Sam Hurd’s clients first surfaced, the logical instinct is to be skeptical, because that sounds far too easy, and it seems like something from a rejected CSI episode. The players Mike Freeman talked to aren’t skeptical at all. They’re scared as hell.
  • Great, now Tebowing is clogging high school hallways and getting kids suspended while halting the next generation in their pursuit of an education. We’re all screwed, so are you happy now, Tim?
  • The Internet has an answer for everything, including a perplexing philosophical female question about Tim Tebow.
  • Former Alabama defensive coordinator Kevin Steele explained the difficult schematic shift that takes place when Tim Tebow the quarterback turns into Tim Tebow the running back. “You’ve got to count him as a running back. That’s the problem. Everything is built like, ‘If we adjust like this for one back, we’ve got enough people to fill every gap and stop the running game.’ Well, all of the sudden, the running back is a blocker for the quarterback who’s a running back.”
  • Plaxico Burress read 82 books while he was in prison.
  • The Giants’ running game is finally rolling after they put together back-to-back 100-yard rushing performances for the first time this year, and a new configuration of the offensive line due to injuries seems to be the answer.
  • The problem with the league’s return-to-play policy is that a player has to be diagnosed with a concussion before it can be determined that his head injury has healed sufficiently. Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post writes that coaches and training staffs are still able to rush to judgment, and usually it’s the wrong judgment.
  • Highly-touted USC tackle Matt Kalil has declared for the NFL draft, and previously he said that he’d form a “double package” with his quarterback Matt Barkley, with both either turning pro or staying in Southern California together.

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