Tim Tebow didn’t lose to the Patriots. The Broncos lost to the Patriots. Tebow didn’t have his best game Sunday, but he didn’t have any interceptions and was once again the team’s best rusher.

Denver lost because of the mistakes made by Tebow and his 44 teammates. The Broncos had three turnovers in the second quarter, leading to 13 New England points. That, plus a blocked extra point, is 14 points lost due to costly errors. That can’t happen against a talented and experienced team like the Patriots.

New England had zero turnovers and took three fewer penalties. That was the difference.

Now, because we love to overreact to everything that happens in professional sports, we’ll conclude that Tebow is indeed an impostor and the Broncos are indeed pretenders. But losses to the Patriots happen, and Denver was New England’s match for much of this game. The Lions came back to edge the Raiders today, so there’s a good chance this loss doesn’t hurt the Broncos in the standings (they still control the division and finish with Buffalo and Kansas City).

Can I see them winning playoff games? Well, I’m a little concerned that they’ve lost two of the three games they’ve played against teams with winning records during Tebow’s run. It’s also a bit disconcerting that they’ve given up an average of 33 points per game against those three teams. That said, I’m not ruling anything out with Tebow and Willis McGahee and Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil.

Turns out the Broncos are mortal with Tebow, but that doesn’t mean that #TebowTime is over just yet.