According to our dusty and extensive GLS archives (Getty Images), this picture was taken in 2006 when Antonio Garay was with the Bears, and it documents a rare time in the history of the NFL. Gaze into his eyes, and take a mental image of Garay in this state. Although we can’t verify this, we suspect it’s one of the last times he looked normal on a regular basis.

The image above is likely an artifact that should be cherished, because Garay has since morphed into a whimsical artist, using his head as an endless canvas. Currently in his renaissance phase, Garay rolls out a new design that looks as though it’s been drawn with magic markers and crayons nearly every week, each more unique than the last.

Now in his third season with the Chargers, the defensive lineman debuted his latest design last night.

No one turns facial hair into an artistic statement like Garay. You see, for Garay this is more than just hair, it’s a lifestyle, and one that’s reflected in the Hello Kitty Smart Car he drives to work every day. Yes, a 6’4″, 320 pound lineman can fit into a Smart Car.

Other designs have shunned the linear and parallel approach on the beard for a more abstract look…

And then there was the blue top…

And the purple top, which may or may not be in direct opposition to Tim Tebow’s moral principles.