Oompa-Loompas have always been passionate Broncos supporters.

  • Of course Dan Shaughnessy dropped a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid reference while dripping more saliva on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.
  • Almost immediately after a crushing loss, Tim Tebow spent time with a woman who has recovered from a brain tumor.
  • A drug-sniffing dog named Tebow busted a cocaine smuggler, showing that the power of Tebow extends to canines.
  • There was a bit of Woodheadmania in the crowd yesterday in Denver too, with hundreds of fans making the eight-hour pilgrimage from Danny Woodhead‘s hometown of North Platte, Nebraska.
  • Internet, please find the name of this bikini-clad woman sitting near the press box in Denver. Thanks.
  • Jeremy Shockey is pissed at some Houston Texans who weren’t standing properly and patriotically during the pre-game national anthem. Don’t they know that you’re supposed to drop everything and listen to the damn song?
  • Ben Roethlisberger is expected to start tonight, and his ankle likely began to feel a lot better after Baltimore’s loss.
  • Over three weeks later Ndamukong Suh has apologized again for his stomped on Evan Dietrich-Smith during Detroit’s Thanksgiving Day loss to Green Bay, saying that he “made a mistake.”
  • Lovie Smith didn’t feel like talking about his crappy quarterbacks too much after another crappy loss.
  • Bears wide receiver Johnny Knox will undergo surgery today to stabilize the vertebrae in his back. A team spokesman said the prognosis for both his career and quality of life are good.
  • Giants safety Antrel Rolle insisted that he’s not calling anyone out before saying this: “We need to have everyone on the field. If you’re injured, so be it, you’re injured. We understand that. But nicks and bruises? Everyone needs to be on the field because we’re not getting better like this.”
  • Embarrassing performances by both the Jets and Giants have given us the best Christmas present ever: a late-season game between the two New York teams with playoff implications.
  • A.J. Green‘s shoulder sprain doesn’t sound too serious, and he should be fine for Cincinnati’s game next week against Arizona.
  • Michael Vick has made Kate Upton angry, causing men in Philadelphia to become confused and immediately question their allegiances.
  • Eventually the Texans were going to massively under perform in a game they had no business losing. The Battle Red Blog was aware of this, which is why they used Anime as a surprisingly appropriate analogy for yesterday’s loss to Carolina, one that connects the cosmos and explains the spiritual energy circulating at Reliant Stadium.
  • Don’t watch Elvis Dumervil‘s hit on Brady if you’re sitting at your work cubicle. You’ll suddenly bust through the cubicle wall, and find yourself several cubicles over…

(lead pic via Timothy Burke)