The best bets are the lucrative kind, and the wagers that can pay your bills for a few weeks. But on some level, those bets also boring, bland, and uncreative. As humans we’re programmed to spend money on goods and services, which ends up creating a cycle of brief joy followed by more debt.

The reward of winning the monetary bet often doesn’t equal the sheer thrill and adrenaline. That’s why bets between friends involving something other than cash can be far more entertaining, and often they’re as simple as having someone do your laundry for a week or two. Alcoholic beverages are also a prime betting chip.

In these friendly wagers you feel like you’re immediately benefiting from winning the bet, rather than grabbing your bills that have been assigned a monetary value and then quickly seeing them evaporate. This applies to any non-cash bet, expect for the kind that stays on your body forever.

Meet Brady Wagner. He’s a die-hard Broncos fan, and his friend is a Patriots fan, which provided an opportunity for a fun, non-monetary bet between friends this past Sunday when the two teams met. They could have wagered something common, like a round at the bar that evening, or maybe they could have been adventurous and put the right to call each other’s ex-girlfriends on the line.

Instead they went with tattoos. This is also a common bet, but it’s usually made in jest. The loser rarely actually gets the tattoo.

Brady Wagner did.

As the loser when New England won 41-23, Wagner had to get Bill Belichick’s signature etched onto his body. Now he’ll remember Week 15 of the 2011 NFL season when he’s 76, and he’ll have to explain to his grand children who Bill “Belichicw” is after the ink begins to wrinkle and fade.

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Now we’ve learned that the power of Tebowmania can permanently burn a regular-season game into a man’s flesh.

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