• With his 2.5 sacks last night, Aldon Smith has pushed aside Charles Haley to set a new 49ers single-season rookie sack record. As Gagnon noted, his crosshairs will now shift to Jevon Kearse’s rookie record, and possibly the defensive rookie of the year award.
  • If the backup feed at Candlestick Park was interrupted last night we’d probably be watching a very rare Tuesday game today.
  • We’re pretty sure this guy caused the power outage.
  • When they’re playing in a stadium with lightning that functions properly, the 49ers are powered by defense. Still, having experienced wide receivers is key in the playoffs, and with Braylon Edwards already out, Ted Ginn added to San Francisco’s injury concerns at that position in the third quarter. Brett Swain had to enter a game on offense for the first time.
  • Dave Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel took a look at the Dolphins’ current draft position if the season were to end today. They’re holding down the ninth spot, and if Jeff Ireland intends to draft the franchise’s next quarterback, his team should probably stop winning now.
  • Why do former players who have now joined the ranks of the mindless talking heads feel the need to preach to their old teams so often? Let those playing days go, Antonio Pierce.
  • Chris Cooley doesn’t want Redskins fans to get lost in the draft hype, and specifically the hype surrounding Heisman winner Richard Griffin III. Chris, hope is all Redskins fans have right now. Don’t take that away.
  • The Detroit Lions have learned how to be resilient, a character trait that’s played a significant role in their playoff push.
  • Tom Brady‘s new offseason home in California is almost done, and it’s about as massive as you’d imagine.
  • A pair of Buffalo beat writers made the Bills Christmas wishlist, and the first item is a razor and a can of shaving cream for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fans can only hope that a facial clean-up will somehow recalibrate Fitzpatrick’s arm.
  • With Black Monday looming, Andrew Brandt explains how the erosion of the relationship between a coach and his general manager often begins.
  • We assume that the five people in the world who haven’t seen the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises yet are reading an NFL blog, which is convenient, because now we can ask you why you’re ignoring the Internet. You’re missing Hines Ward stiff arming tacklers into the crumbling remains of Gotham. If Ward can play while the field collapses, surely the 49ers and Steelers could have played with no lights.
  • And we finish with Monday’s Red Heat podcast. Listen, enjoy, discuss…

(Lead pic via Timothy Burke)

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