• Oh c’mon, Mark, this is unacceptable, and it shows that you’ll never be an elite quarterback. Elite quarterbacks have the mental strength to overcome the distraction of the supermodel vixen. Hell, Tom Brady has been married to Kate Upton before Kate Upton for years.
  • Just watch, Jets fans. Soon Sanchez will be escaping to Cabo San Lucas during the season, making Joe Namath pissed, and leaving you to do little more than direct your ire at some catwalk-strutting jezebel. Athletes should know better than to use their looks and charm to date beautiful women.
  • While Sanchez is evidently busy pursuing another woman whose career will have reached its halfway point once she’s about 24, Rex Ryan was also utilizing his best talent yesterday. Ryan enjoys talking, and preemptively deflecting blame, and ESPN’s Rich Cimini writes that the Jets head coach is well aware that he’ll get hammered if he loses to the Giants.
  • Total Packers is kind enough to show us what $275 down the tubes Packers stock looks like, while also listing a few of the often overlooked advantages of being a Packers “owner.” Topping the list is the ability to show up at owners meetings with no pants on.
  • Please sit down before reading this Darren Sproles stat, although I’m not sure why you were standing up to begin with. Sproles has 651 yards after the catch this year, which is great, but in itself isn’t mind blowing because he’s consistently been at the top of that category. What shatters several fragments of mental matter is that he has just 659 total receiving yards, meaning only eight yards have come before the ball lands in Sproles’ hands.
  • The “he’s not going anywhere” part of John Elway‘s Tim Tebow declaration yesterday has predictably received all the attention, pushing aside the fact that he said “hopefully he’s the guy” several words later.
  • It’s fantasy championship week for most leagues, and it’s amazing that Roy Helu, who was an afterthought a month ago, is now a must start player.
  • While the general population is busy scampering to complete last-minute Christmas shopping and party prep, the football world is merrily pondering questions like this one: can the Falcons’ pass rush be effective against the Saints?
  • Retired tight end Ben Utecht is only 30 years old, and he’s already experiencing memory loss due to his concussions.
  • If the Rams truly still see Sam Bradford as their franchise quarterback (and they should) and have no plans to draft another young arm next April (and they shouldn’t), then they should start treating him like a franchise quarterback and officially shut him down. Somehow, that hasn’t happened yet.
  • Raider Nation isn’t exactly pleased with Hue Jackson, so the Raiders Blog looked back on Oakland’s seven losses to see how many are really on Jackson’s shoulders.
  • Jim Harbaugh declared that Alex Smith is his long-term starting quarterback while also saying that he’s behind only Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers in the NFC.

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