• Last week Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko spoke ill of Santa Claus at the team’s holiday charity event.  With little, innocent ears present and watching at home, Mesko said that the magical man who delivers toys to all the boys and girls isn’t real, causing both awkward moments in living rooms, and an awkward face on a reporter. Yesterday Santa took a break from his busy Christmas prep to prove to Mesko that he exists. If he goes to such great lengths to prove his existence to a punter, imagine what Santa would do for Tim Tebow.
  • Having large, looming tight ends whose primary function is to help the running game is wonderful, but Week 16 officially begins tonight, and we’re still waiting for someone to replace Greg Olsen‘s receiving production in Chicago. It’s not going to happen, and the Bears are currently last in receptions by a TE (22).
  • Wes Welker would like to know the science behind weighing the human body, and why it’s always done in the nude.
  • Jamal Lewis is among four former players who are suing the NFL due to damages caused by the long-term effects of concussions and concussion-related symptoms.
  • The Giants need a leader, and especially one on the defensive side of the ball.
  • Tebow had a lab partner at the University of Florida, but wipe that mind clean, gentleman, because it wasn’t some sultry blond looking to do more than just defile frogs in an evolutionary experiment. It was a dude named Melvin.
  • James Harrison wants the Browns to be punished for letting Colt McCoy return to the game after he was on the receiving end of an illegal hit from the Steelers linebacker. That’s a fair point, and fair criticism of the league, but it doesn’t mean much coming from a man who’s still done little to acknowledge his continued idiocy.
  • Kyle Orton sort of starred in the Matrix this past Sunday during the Chiefs’ upset win over Green Bay. He may be a far better actor than Keanu Reeves, but he doesn’t have the Canadian’s boyish charm.
  • Joey Porter was hoping to make a late-season return after having arthroscopic surgery on his knee in early November. But that’s not happening, and now his career is likely over.
  • If the Colts win one more game, and all three teams at the bottom of the league standings finish 2-14 (Indianapolis, Minnesota, and St. Louis), the worst/best possible outcome for Indy is still the first overall pick.
  • NFL.com’s Jason Smith throws a few more logs on a never-ending debate by exploring the best football movie scenes of all time. This will probably be a topic for a list post on a slow offseason day, and sadly that day isn’t too far off. But for now, Al Pacino’s speech in Any Given Sunday still gets my vote, and that scene is featured prominently in this fantastic mashup of the best sports movie speeches of all time. Try not running through nine brick walls reinforced with steel after watching this…

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  1. Shorter James Harrison: “Look, I gave Colt McCoy a really hard shot in the head, that should have knocked him out of the game. The Browns should be penalized for foiling my plan.”

    Are we sure that a one game suspension was enough? It seems not.

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