• Links are a little late this morning, mostly because the holiday spirit eventually came in liquid form last night, causing a Boxing Day tradition of Advil for breakfast to continue. The crowd shots from last night show that Advil likely had a very profitable day in Green Bay too. Liquid courage caused the five gentlemen above to dress for their bank robbery early, and there’s at least one cheating ex-boyfriend who’s still sleeping on the couch.
  • The Packers tight ends sent a Christmas card to the team’s staff, and it’s rather magnificent. Hammering the card home is the greeting, which says “from our tight ends to yours.” Well done, gentlemen.
  • After this week there’s a new verb in Cleveland to describe what’s increasingly being seen as Pat Shurmur‘s arrogance standing in the way of reality. When the Browns lose, they often get “Shurmur’ed
  • The pathetic attendance by Bengals fans was featured as an item in our Christmas Eve awards. It was inexcusable, even if the fan base has grown weary after years of sucking and horrible mismanagement from Mike Brown. There were over 20,000 empty seats at Paul Brown Stadium during Cincinnati’s win over Arizona, and now Bengals players are politely begging fans to show up this week.
  • Mike Lupica doesn’t think the Jets owned anything Saturday, and they definitely didn’t own New York.
  • If the Jets miss the playoffs, someone will have to shoulder the blame, and likely do it with their job. The prime candidate could be offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.
  • Congratulations, alcohol and testosterone. Once again you’ve turned otherwise average and harmless douchebags into living, breathing Jersey Shore caricatures.
  • Leslie Frazier told Peter King that Adrian Peterson will be back and ready to play for Week 1 of the 2012 season next fall, but only if everything goes perfectly. The damage to Peterson’s knee has been compared to the injuries suffered by Edgerrin James in 2001, and Wes Welker in 2009.
  • Reggie Bush‘s mother hates Kim Kardashian, and wants her son to settle down with a wholesome girl. We assume the first requirement for “wholesome” is refraining from Internet nudity.
  • Remember that time a few years ago when Ben Roethlisberger allegedly did that thing in a washroom stall in Milledgeville, Georgia? Yeah, I vaguely recall it too. The anger generated by his actions led to serious discussions about a trade. So how would the Steelers have changed if that trade happened?

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