• As Timothy Burke observed, when Drew Brees is in a celebratory mood his birth mark is contagious.
  • Here’s your obligatory Falcons player complaining about the Saints running up the score while allowing Brees to pursue and break Dan Marino‘s single-season passing record in the final minutes of last night’s game.
  • And here’s the most self-aggrandizing act in the blogging kingdom: a link to your own content in a link dump, in this case Gagnon’s post which explains why Brees’ record really isn’t a big deal at all despite the pageantry and celebration staged by ESPN.
  • A convicted and recently released felon was hanging out with the suits who run the Saints.
  • Jason La Canfora expects the Rams to “take a serious run” at Jeff Fisher.
  • Andrew Brandt summarizes the impact of Adrian Peterson’s injury on his contract, and says that if Toby Gerhart‘s performance as a full-time starter exceeds expectations, the Vikings could be forced to compare the value of the two contracts and make a tough decision.
  • Osi Umenyiora is still struggling with an ankle sprain suffered in late November, and although he’ll test the injury either Thursday or Friday, his return is likely several weeks away.
  • Justin Tuck still hates the Cowboys, which is convenient because there’s a rather massive football game between the Cowboys and Giants Sunday.
  • Elsewhere in New York, Rex Ryan says there’s “no way” the team will look to replace Mark Sanchez.
  • In Seattle there’s been a lot of criticism heaped on Tarvaris Jackson following a crushing loss to the 49ers Saturday. But Field Gulls thinks that some sober second thought will lead to the realization that Jackson’s performance is exactly what should have been expected from a slightly below average QB against one of the league’s elite defenses.
  • We’re only about six weeks away from the Super Bowl, which is both exciting and depressing. Draft analysis and the daily re-working of mock drafts begins as the Super Bowl confetti is hitting the ground, and fans of teams that are out of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes need to remember that his offensive linemen at Stanford are pretty good too.
  • One more time, here’s the record-breaking scene. Brees later said that he didn’t know immediately that he’d broken the record, but just assumed he’d done it when his offensive linemen started the celebration.

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