Oregon running back LaMichael James hasn’t officially declared for the 2012 NFL draft yet, but reports earlier this month indicated that he intends to turn pro, and at this point it would be a surprise if he returned for his senior season.

He has explosive speed and strength, but he’s on the smallish side (5’9″, 195 pounds), which could prompt NFL coaches and general managers to approach James with a bit of caution this April, and let him fall to the middle rounds. CBS Sports currently projects James as the 95th overall pick near the end of the third round. That’s still pretty lofty territory, and overall the outlook for James to at the very least do a weekly Darren Sproles imitation in the NFL is pretty good.

Until today.

NFL draft scouts can overlook many potential weakness like James’ height, but a fear of roller coasters will not be tolerated. James and his Oregon teammates are in California preparing for the Rose Bowl, and during a practice break they sauntered over to Disneyland to test out the famed Space Mountain.

The resulting picture could be crippling for James’ draft stock. He’s the one on the lower left in the front car, and the Disney staff clearly turned a blind eye to the height restrictions.

Now when he’s being stared down by Ray Lewis, James will have nightmare visions of Space Mountain. In his mind, the roller coaster is worse.

The two teen girls in the back are just chillin’, and laughing gleefully while waving their arms like a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man. James looks like he needs to change his pants.

Thanks, Kegs and Eggs.