• Armando Salguero’s report in the Miami Herald that Jason Taylor will retire after this week’s game hit the Interwebs as you were settling in for a long winter’s nap late last night. Salguero cites two sources, although it’s not yet clear if Taylor will officially announce his retirement before the Dolphins’ game against the Jets, or wait and hold a post-game press conference. Taylor is the active sack leader, and he ranks sixth on the all-time list.
  • Mike Munchak is reportedly the top target in Penn State’s search for a new head coach and Joe Paterno’s successor. Earlier this week Munchak denied that there’s been any interest from the Nittany Lions, saying that “people like to speculate.”
  • The Pro Bowl rosters were named last night, and there’s one trend that will undoubtedly get overlooked. Many of the Pro Bowl participants have been fined for illegal hits this year, and since the players on the losing side of Hawaii’s meaningless and pointless game get paid $25,000 (and most players have contract incentives for reaching the Pro Bowl), those fines begin to seem a little useless, no?
  • Logan Mankins will reportedly miss a game due to injury for the first time in his career this week. He has a sprained MCL, but the Patriots remain hopeful that he’ll return for their first playoff game.
  • Robert Griffin III might be leaning towards entering the draft.
  • Felix Jones should be fine for Dallas’ game against New York Sunday night to decide the NFC East.
  • Mock drafts are rolling in steadily now, even with one week left to finalize the order of the non-playoff teams. 12th Man Rising thinks it’s far too early for the Seahawks to reach for Ryan Tannehill at No. 15.
  • There was never much doubt, but if anyone was hoping for one last Jay Cutler or Matt Forte sighting this year, you can stop with that nonsense now. The Bears put their quarterback and running back on the injured reserve Tuesday.
  • Bill Maher has taught us that God-fearing Christians don’t like it when you mention Tim Tebow and Satan in the same tweet. Huh, weird.
  • In much more positive Tebow news, America decided that the Broncos quarterback is the celebrity who would make the best neighbor, narrowly beating out the Jolie-Pitt family.
  • There’s a man in Indianapolis who has been granted a mysterious power that gives him the ability to create unspeakable evil. If he’s in an NFL city on a Sunday, the home team loses. Usually this would indeed be evil, but for the Colts, it’s a blessing as they chase the first overall pick. The problem? He’s been away from Indy the last two weeks, meaning the Colts’ wins have been entirely his fault.

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