• Emmitt Smith questioned the mental toughness of his former team, and in doing so he gently prodded us to see through the most unsubtle of subtle criticisms, so allow me to re-write the previous sentence: Emmitt Smith questioned Tony Romo‘s mental toughness.
  • In his rebuttal, Romo pointed to key wins earlier this year against Washington and San Francisco when his team demonstrated a high level of resilience and mental toughness.
  • Even in a loss three weeks ago Romo torched the Giants, and he created a pretty amazing anomaly. Since 1960, 71 quarterbacks had passed for more than 300 yards with four touchdowns and a rating of 140.0 or higher in a game, and they all did it during a win. Romo became No. 72 that day, and he was the first to do it during a loss.
  • Brandon Jacobs really hates Cowboys fans.
  • Great read and a great analogy here by Matt Waldman of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio, who argues that to be successful in the NFL, elite college running backs need to learn how to “boycott the corner store.”
  • The last time the Jets brought in an aging veteran quarterback it led to misery, disappointment, and dong shots, yet we’re still talking about Peyton Manning going to New York. WFAN’s Ernie Palladino writes that youth is the answer if Rex Ryan eventually decides a move is necessary.
  • Stevie Johnson reportedly wants $7.5 million per year to stay in Buffalo, which explains why contract negotiations with the Bills front office stalled.
  • Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is well aware of the unique realities of being a football coach, or more generally any professional sports coach. You’re hired to get fired, then often you’re hired again. And then fired, again.
  • Change is likely coming in St. Louis, but with the crippling injuries sustained by the Rams this year, it’s difficult to imagine any of the rumored candidates to replace Steve Spagnuolo doing much better had they faced the same circumstances.
  • Mike Freeman thinks that even if his pockets are empty, Terrell Owens‘ ego won’t allow him to play in the Indoor Football League.
  • Packers fans really don’t seem to like Jermichael Finley too much right about now.
  • The Vikings are distributing Jim Kleinsasser beards in honor of the fullback’s last game Sunday. If they combined this with an attempt to break the record for the most Snuggies worn in one place, that would look really awesome/scary.
  • The publicly broadcasted lunacy of Deiondra Sanders is still astounding. This is where I would usually write something about an apple and a tree, but Deion Sanders‘ trees don’t grow apples. They grow grapefruits, giant grapefruits, because he’s the kingpin (*starts clapping and laughing uncontrollably*). Ya dig?

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