Tim Tebow is an omnipresent being, and he therefore has the power to teleport anywhere at any time. This should be common knowledge by now, as it’s been seen in his ability to either spectacularly win or lose a football game on Sunday, while also being present at a Nativity Scene in Florida.

Now he’s pushing a greyhound named “Flying Tim Tebow” as it dominates the track in St. Petersburg, Florida. Predictably, both Flying Tim Tebow and the invisible hand of Tebow wait until the final turn to make that last heroic surge.

This isn’t the first time the power of Tebow has helped a canine friend in his noble quest. Just a few weeks ago a drug-sniffing dog named Tebow uncovered a kilogram of cocaine at Orlando International Airport. Tebow’s powers are at their strongest in the state of Florida.

The video quality in the clip below of Flying Tim Tebow in action is sub-par at best, but the audio quality is superb, complete with an announcer who’s enjoying himself far too much, and a #Tebowtime reference.

Thanks for the latest in cheap Tebow gimmicks, Busted Coverage. And thanks for the tremendously appropriate pic, Fox Sports.