• Bengals fans could get a double win this weekend. If Cincinnati beats Houston they’ll witness the first Bengals playoff win since 1990, and Mike Brown will still lose money.
  • Justin Tuck thinks the Falcons’ offensive line is filled with a bunch of no good dirtbags who have mastered the fine art of the cheap shot.
  • Santonio Holmes‘ petulance eventually reached its climax Sunday when he was held without a catch and benched for the final minutes of the Jets’ season. But the seeds of his pouting were reportedly planted last Wednesday when he reluctantly attended an after hours meeting led by Mark Sanchez, and then failed to show up for a similar meeting the next day.
  • Some Jets players don’t know how Holmes could possibly return next year, with one player telling Gary Myers of the New York Daily News that Holmes has acted like a 10-year-old.
  • As Harvey Araton of the New York Times notes, the underlying message of the Rex Ryan regime has been that brash and boisterous can’t possibly be bad. Coaching and leading is often a process of reflection, so Holmes is merely mimicking the immature actions of his most senior leader, a coach who’s supposedly a “player’s coach.”
  • If you spent yesterday avoiding family members and watching an unhealthy amount of college football, you watched a lot of future NFL stars who will be playing on Sunday soon.
  • The future of the Colts is uncertain after yesterday’s events. But what became very clear, very quickly is that being a Colts fan could be a stressful experience for the next few months.
  • Peyton Manning was meeting with Bill Polian in the Colts’ training room when Polian was called to see Jim Irsay. Manning told ESPN that he’s stunned by the decision to dismiss the Polians.
  • Chiefs offensive coordinator Bill Muir will likely retire, creating yet another potential opening for Josh McDaniels, and another avenue for him to work in the same organization as Scott Pioli again.
  • Mike Munchak quickly dismissed questions about Chris Johnson‘s future during locker clean out day.
  • Wes Welker served his girlfriend breakfast in bed earlier this week, which scored some serious points with his female fans who enjoy romantic endeavors. Those points were quickly lost due to his decision to serve a breakfast burrito on a paper plate.
  • Listening to Lovie-speak is bad for the mental health of Bears fans.
  • ‘Tis the season for long injury lists, making a playoff bye week crucial for a team like the Ravens with veterans at key positions.
  • Meanwhile, Jim Harbaugh told his players that a bye in January isn’t a vacation.
  • Harbaugh also told Alex Smith that he wants him back next year. Smith will become a free agent after signing a one-year contract worth $4.9 million shortly after the lockout ended.

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