A four-year tradition continues at GLS, as we waste company time comparing the cities that will battle on wild-card weekend. What if the coolest cities always prevailed? Who’d win this weekend? Enjoy our fourth annual city vs. city wild-card breakdown.

(Category winners italicized.)

Cincinnati vs. Houston

Cincinnati: 330,000
Houston: 2.1 million

Claims to fame
Cincinnati: Known for historic architecture; birthplace of Charles Manson
Houston: NASA; health care

Cincinnati: The Queen City
Houston: Space City

Coolest celebrities
Cincinnati: Steven Spielberg, Dan Patrick, Jerry Springer
Houston: Hilary Duff, Jennifer Garner

Hottest celebrities
Cincinnati: Heidi Mueller, Carmen Electra, Brooklyn Decker
Houston: Beyonce Knowles

Cincinnati: Blue
Houston: Red

Winner: Houston. You have to go back to the roaring twenties to find Cincy celebs, and Houston wins every category except the girls.

Pittsburgh vs. Denver

Pittsburgh: 300,000
Denver: 600,000

Claims to fame
Pittsburgh: Steel, bridges, rivers, the Steelers
Denver: Altitude and the Rocky Mountains

Pittsburgh: Steel City
Denver: Mile-High City

Coolest celebrities
Pittsburgh: Mark Cuban, Bret Michaels
Denver: Um, Dog the Bounty Hunter? The Fray?

Hottest celebrities
Pittsburgh: Christina Aguilera
Denver: Kristin Cavallari, Lindsey Vonn

Pittsburgh: Blue
Denver: Red

Winner: Denver. Close, low-scoring game, but definitely Denver thanks to the mountains and the snow.

Detroit vs. New Orleans

Detroit: 950,000
New Orleans: 500,000

Claims to fame
Detroit: High violent crime and unemployment rates; a particularly rich music history
New Orleans: Mardi Gras

Detroit: Motor City, MoTown, Hockeytown
New Orleans: The Big Easy, The Crescent City

Coolest celebrities
Detroit: Eminem, Kid Rock
New Orleans: Lil Wayne, Ellen DeGeneres

Hottest celebrities
Detroit: Kristen Bell
New Orleans: Reese Witherspoon, Tia Texada

Detroit: Blue
New Orleans: Red

Winner: New Orleans. Detroit is cool, but c’mon…

Atlanta vs. New York 

Atlanta: 400,000
New York: 8 million

Claim to fame
Atlanta: Home to the world’s busiest airport and Turner Broadcasting (CNN)
New York: 47 million tourists visit NYC each year; Broadway; Statue of Liberty

Atlanta: Hotlanta
New York: The Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps, Gotham

Coolest celebrities
Atlanta: Ed Helms, Kanye West, Usher, Ryan Seacrest
New York: Adam Sandler, Jon Stewart, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Fallon, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Anne Hathaway

Hottest celebrities
Atlanta: Ciara, Keri Hilson
New York: Hayden Panettiere, Scarlett Johannson, Olivia Wilde, Emmy Rossum

Atlanta: Blue
New York: Red

Winner: New York. Poor Atlanta ran into a juggernaut on wild-card weekend.

(Weather graphs via Weather.com)