Or at least that’s what Bodog.ca would have you believe.

Bettors will jump on any excuse to wager a paycheck, or several, and betting websites are well versed in the itchy trigger fingers of their target audience. That’s why every available avenue is exercised to obtained their money, which includes but isn’t limited to betting on the likelihood of a Brett Favre comeback, and throwing down a sawbuck on events at the NFL Scouting Combine.

In a few weeks we’ll do our annual post detailing the most ridiculous Super Bowl prop bets available, a particularly insane endeavor that led us to scary and murky places around the Internet last year. The 2011 Super Bowl props sheet was highlighted by betting odds for Christina Aguilera’s ability to remain conscious throughout the entire national anthem, and odds on whether or not someone will parachute into the stadium. Interesting, intriguing, and wildly addicting.

Today the matter at hand is the Rams’ coaching search, and Jeff Fisher, who’s highly rumored and apparently also highly favored to land the job. He’s favored so heavily that Bodog has only two picks available for the Rams coaching gig: Fisher, or the field.

So basically, if anyone else in the world is employed by the Rams in a head coaching capacity, a pay day awaits, albeit a lesser one. Although the Rams are still one of the leading candidates to land the former Titans coach, the smart money is leaning towards the field right now, because they may no longer be the leading candidate.

After interviewing in Miami Tuesday, Fisher reportedly left with stone crabs in his stomach, and a very positive impression of owner Stephen Ross and the Dolphins organization. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald also reported that Ross is prepared to offer Fisher the most lucrative contract of any potential bidder, and he’s determined to eliminate money as an obstacle. He won’t be outbid by the Bucs, Rams, or anyone else in pursuit, and Fisher’s set to meet with the Rams over the next two days.

So take the field over Fisher, and maybe parlay that with another bet on the Tampa Bay opening, a vacancy that’s a little more muddled…

Just remember, you’re not an addict until you’ve bet on Rick Perry.