• We’re already blatantly shameless in many ways, so I’m not sure that it’s possible for us to give a shameless plug. But there’s been some quality NFL-related findings on our very own Score Buzz lately, including the horrible Stevie Johnson tattoo that’s pictured above. Actually, we’ve seen far worse sports body artwork, but it’s this man’s choice of Stevie Johnson as his life-long ink that’s troubling. Johnson’s a fine young receiver, but he’s nowhere near ink worthy after finishing 19th in receiving yards between Nate Washington and Darrius Heyward-Bey. If there’s a Heyward-Bey tattoo walking around, everything everyone’s said about the year 2012 is true, and if anyone needs me I’ll be in the GLS bomb shelter.
  • But the real highlight of yesterday’s work on the Buzz was Scott Lewis’ exclusive interview with Tim Tebow’s left arm. You won’t see this kind of journalism anywhere else, folks, because theScore has pioneered the body part interview.
  • The Indianapolis Star’s Phillip B. Wilson has a very honest and genuine take on the dismissal of the Polians after letting the news simmer for a day. In short, Bill Polian was an absolute jerk to everyone, a deeply flawed character trait that Wilson hopes he changes in his post-Colts life.
  • Some interesting/informative Twitter musings this morning, as ESPN’s John Buccigross used a recent statistical trend to remind us that Mike Martz is indifferent to protecting his quarterback, and Chad Ochocinco reminded us that he’s indifferent to being normal.
  • An SB Nation roundtable discussed which Wild Card Weekend team has the best shot at winning the Super Bowl.
  • We don’t like to admit it, but we acknowledge the existence of other sports from time to time. But as Steelers Depot quite accurately outlines, as far as playoffs are concerned nothing compares to the sudden death environment created by the NFL.
  • Concern over widespread injuries is feeding the weekly NFL playoff hype machine in Pittsburgh.
  • Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com doesn’t think Peyton Manning makes much sense for the 49ers.
  • Despite the constant denials, the most rumored destination for Manning if he’s traded is the Jets, and Manish Mehta told PFT that is possibility is still alive.
  • Jerry Jones still thinks Jerry Jones is the best GM for the Cowboys.
  • Can we please end the lunacy of calling Aaron Rodgers a “system quarterback” after Matt Flynn‘s impressive outing Sunday?
  • Seasoned and experienced trash talkers like Terrell Suggs know that opponents who aren’t on deck for Sunday are still fair game, and that especially applies to opponents who aren’t technically opponents yet, and likely won’t even be on deck for next Sunday.
  • The Jets can’t even execute a simple and mundane task like cleaning out their lockers without likely getting fined for an obscene gesture.
  • The self-destruction in the Jets’ locker room presents a stark contrast to the Patriots’ locker room, where chemistry and cohesion can be found in abundance.

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