The Tim Tebow haters are an all-seeing, all-being entity, much like the man himself. With each loss they multiply, and with each win they somehow multiply too. Their reasons are often valid (he can’t throw!), and often based in irrational thought (he really likes God!). But really, their motivation is irrelevant. Their hate has played a massive role in the creation of Tebowmania, leaving the few indifferent Tebow watchers to point and chuckle heartily.

I do have one question for you, though, haters of Tebow. How can you hate a man who’s almost single-handedly saved a drinking establishment that’s not even located in Denver?

Maybe it was the economy, but more likely it was the terrible play of the Chicago Cubs. Whatever the cause, the year was 2009, and The Irish Oak in Chicago’s Wrigleyville was having trouble competing in the fun-filled area of the Windy City where the inebriation of Wrigley’s bleachers regularly spills out into the streets on warm summer afternoons and evenings. More specifically, they were having difficulty drawing a decent crowd when the Cubs were on the road.

So a niche was required, and that’s when by sheer random happenstance the Denver Broncos arrived to keep the kegs flowing.

Eric Baylis owns the Irish Oak, and he emailed Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post to tell the story of a Broncos love affair in a far away land that started two years ago, and has now boomed and blossomed with Tebow’s emergence.

“My bar, The Irish Oak, nestled in the gauntlet of the area known as Wrigleyville was having a lot of trouble getting patrons when the Cubs were out of town. Fast forward 2009, In walks a group of Denver Broncos fans into a dead bar on a Sunday afternoon asking if the sound can be played to watch their Denver Broncos game. The bartender at the time decided well, why not….Little did anyone know what this small decision was going to lead into. The group got bigger and bigger, so we as appreciation did more and more for the group, including and not limited to a DJ who plays old school Broncos clips during commercials, to give aways such as signed jersey’s, apparel, and even game day tickets in Denver!!

Then fast forward to this year, their season started out rough, about the same as always a consistent group of 30 diehard fans….then came Tebow!!! Tebow single handedly packed our bar, with fans of Denver and even the haters…now with Tebow going to the playoffs we have been at capacity, over 300 people watched last weeks game at The Irish Oak, and we are expecting an even bigger crowd this week.”

So there you have it. A straight-edged dude who’s rarely tasted a drop of alcohol has extended his blissful olive branch to a distant watering hole, and turned it into a safe refuge for Broncos fans in Chicago.