• Before we move on to the serious matters of the day, our readers in Philadelphia need to be aware of a mobile billboard featuring Andy Reid that could greet you at an intersection this morning. This is not a sight for uncaffeinated eyes, so please be prepared.
  • Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien reportedly agreed to become the new head coach at Penn State last night. He’ll remain on the New England sideline until the conclusion of the playoffs, a scenario the Pats have experienced before when Charlie Weis left for Notre Dame.
  • ESPN’s Mike Reiss doesn’t think O’Brien’s situation will be a distraction because Bill Belichick has basically created 53 Belichicks. That’s incredibly frightening.
  • It was an eventful evening for news last night, with the conclusion of Penn State’s head coach search overshadowing Landry Jones‘ decision to return to the Oklahoma Sooners for his senior season. Suddenly with both Jones and Matt Barkley staying in school, the options available for QB-needy teams at the top of the draft have become incredibly scarce.
  • Reggie McKenzie has reportedly been named the Raiders’ new general manager, and his first order of business will be to find a way to coexist with a power happy Hue Jackson.
  • The Falcons are focused on Victor Cruz, which sure seems like a good place for their focus since he has 342 receiving yards over his last two games.
  • The problem with being consistently successful in the NFL is that each January teams that are consistently terrible pillage your coaching staff and front office. That’s a reality the Patriots became well aware of quite some time ago, and one the Falcons may just be discovering.
  • Critics have continued to gauge the 49ers’ Super Bowl chances by their wins during the regular season over quality opponents, a process that’s resulted in a classic case of Rodney Dangerfield treatment.
  • In the fierce competition to be the Jets’ top scapegoat for 2011, offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is running a tough campaign, but Santonio Holmes may be ready to finally pass him in the polls. It’ll all hinge on the New Hampshire primary.
  • We get it, broken bones and mangled muscles are very much a part of football and life in the NFL. But if an All-AFC East team existed, Fred Jackson should still easily be the starting running back, even if he only played 10 games.
  • Raheem Morris has already met with the Redskins, and today he reportedly has an interview with the Vikings for a “high-level defensive job,” which is likely code for defensive coordinator.
  • As part of Jimmy Kimmel’s viral attack on Christmas last month, the young daughter in a Chicago Bears family received a Packers jersey as an early gift. That didn’t go well.

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