GLS playoff predictions

Here’s what you already know: Pittsburgh, Houston, New Orleans and the Giants will win this weekend. How do you know that? Well, because we told you so. And although we’ve just wrapped up a rather pedestrian regular season of predictions, we did start last year’s playoffs by predicting the winners (straight up and against the spread) of the first nine games that were played (we’re never going to let that go).

So, what will happen beyond this weekend? Here are our best guesses. And by “our” I mean “my,” because Sean Tomlinson’s probably off working on a post that involves a dog and/or a cat and the words “what the hell.”

Wild-card playoffs

(3) Texans 20, (6) Bengals 13
(5) Steelers 16, (4) Broncos 10

(3) Saints 41, (6) Lions 38
(4) Giants 27, (5) Falcons (24)

Divisional playoffs

(5) Steelers 24, (1) Patriots 23
(2) Ravens 24, (3) Texans 7

(3) Saints 24, (2) 49ers 23
(1) Packers 38, (4) Giants 24

Conference championships

(5) Steelers 23, (2) Ravens 21

(3) Saints 34, (1) Packers 31

Super Bowl XLVI: Saints 35, Steelers 23

A few notes:

  • It was painful putting the Steelers back in the Super Bowl, both because they’re a boring team to cover during Super Bowl week and seem to be there every year, and because it’s really a three-way toss-up for me between New England, Baltimore and Pittsburgh (is there such a thing as a three-sided coin?). New England is mortal at home nowadays and the Ravens are unpredictable, yet the Steelers have the most injuries and the toughest path. Beats me.
  • I do feel strongly that the winner of Saints-Packers in Green Bay wins the Super Bowl, and maybe this year it isn’t quite as close as in years past, especially if the Steelers are banged-up and exhausted from their push. Green Bay and New Orleans are by far and away the best teams in football. The problem is that I’m not overly confident in the Saints pulling off the road upset, especially if the elements are a factor in Wisconsin. They’re the slightly hotter team and I’m going out on a limb.
  • Prior to the season we picked the Falcons to beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl. At mid-season we picked the the Packers over the Texans.

Comments (3)

  1. Really? The Saints at Lambeau in January, really? The Giants are the only team in the NFC that scare any of us die hard pack fans. Eli + that pass rush + having done it before = some concern. You have said it yourself at times that the Saints are not the same team on the road as they are at home, yet your still picking them to beat the defending champs on there own turf, in January…really? I can appreciate gut instincts, but just say your taking a flyer on this one and that there is really no evidence to back up your prediction. Oh and the biggest reason your wrong, is that the Saints wont even be around after today. The lions are too dumb and young to even know there in the playoffs yet, which will keep them relaxed and close early, and they will dominate the second half. So it has been said, so it shall be done.

  2. Is it just me or when he puts his helmet on does Eli look like The Great Gazoo? P.S. Hey Cam, you gotta get a new job cause u suck at predictions.

  3. Im out of the prediction game too!!

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