In case you haven’t had your fill of wild-card weekend picks and analysis, Cam Stewart and the boys have their first podcast of the 2011 playoffs right here:

And because we had nowhere else to put it, here’s a wrap-up on how we did with our picks during the regular season here at GLS. Another so-so season, but all that matters is that we all had fun, right? No? Okay fine, our apologies…

Last week: 10-6 (7-7-2 against the spread)
2011 season: 163-93 (119-118-19 against the spread)
2010 season: 155-101 (117-119-20 against the spread)
2009 season: 175-81 (122-101-33 against the spread)
2008 season: 161-94-1 (114-112-30 against the spread)
2007 season: 174-82 (118-105-33 against the spread)

Best week: 14-2 straight up in Week 12; 11-4-1 against the spread in Week 15
Worst week: 7-6 straight up in Week 8*; 2-8-3 against the spread in Week 8
Average week: 10-6 straight up; 7-7-1 against the spread

* I also shamefully went 9-7 straight up on four occasions.