It’s far too early to say anything definitive yet, but if Tim Tebow continues to play like, well, Tim Tebow, we may get that Brady Quinn sighting after all. Then this game will become the blowout we all expected, and a touchback on the opening kickoff will be Denver’s lone highlight…

The last time Jim Nantz was that excited he was joyfully describing how Tiger Woods “managed to 69 through all of this.”

Matt Prater’s magic loogie of a kickoff highlights an immediate rule change that needs to be implemented this offseason. If a kickoff bounces off the crossbar and back into the field of play, the ball must be played where it lies.

It’s only fair. Prater practiced that all week.

UPDATE: Prater later nailed the crossbar on another kickoff, and it bounced back to about the 10 yard-line. Under the new GLS rules, Denver would have gained some nice field position, and with each kick Prater’s value on the open market this offseason when he becomes a free agent would be rising quickly. Dude’s got mad foot skillz.

Thanks, Sports Grid.