• Timothy Burke asked a question that we’d all love to have answered: why the hell was the dude in the Jerome Bettis jersey looking for a high five after Tim Tebow‘s 58-yard pass to Demaryius Thomas early in the second quarter?
  • For the television audience and sports-watching public, a Tebow playoff game is on par with the Yankees in the World Series, or Tiger Woods leading on Sunday at The Masters. Gregg Doyel of CBSSports.com made those two comparisons, and then wrote that nothing matches Tebow’s pull in the NFL. He’s right.
  • James Farrior told Jeff Darlington that when Tebow was throwing often, deep, and accurately, the Steelers defense was just as surprised as the rest of us.
  • Twitter was predictably buzzing with Tebow stats this morning, but two really stood out. He was just the third quarterback in the Super Bowl era to throw for 300 yards in a playoff game while not throwing an interception, and also running for a touchdown.
  • And Tebow threw just 15 passes during the regular season when the Broncos had the lead. Yesterday he threw 19.
  • But now we move on, because in the NFL playoffs there’s little time for reflection. We’re still not convinced that the Internet’s structural integrity can withstand a Tebow vs. Tom Brady matchup in the playoffs, a matchup that it barely survived during the regular season. Looking at five of the early story lines, Musket Fire is concerned about the Patriots’ ability to avoid another painfully slow start.
  • Flash back a month ago when the Patriots and Broncos first met, and the key to beating Tebow hasn’t changed. New England’s front seven has to maintain gap discipline.
  • Tebow worshipers are rightfully beaming, and they don’t want to hear about how the Broncos are the easiest and most ideal matchup for New England, just like they were the easiest and most ideal matchup for Pittsburgh.
  • Roger Goodell was lonely during Wild Card Weekend.
  • The league has admitted to an officiating mistake during Saturday night’s Lions-Saints game.
  • Last January Dolphins owner Stephen Ross pushed all his chips to the middle of the table in his pursuit of Jim Harbaugh, knowing he’d either be a hero, or look utterly foolish. One year later, he’s in a nearly identical situation with Jeff Fisher.
  • The Packers are cool, hip, and trendy, and they’re taking advantage of this crazy new technology called the iPad that gives players easier access to film study at home.
  • Reggie Bush will be co-hosting Live with Kelly today, helping the Dolphins in their effort to tap into the highly sought after soccer mom demographic.

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