Children crying after a major sporting event is not a new phenomenon. Children cry often, mostly because that’s their primary way of both expressing emotion, and getting the things in life that they desire. If this worked for adults, employers everywhere would be bombarded by sobbing workers requesting a far more lucrative paycheck, and the economy would forever be in a state of doom.

When kids are prompted to cry due to the innocence of professional sports, they usually do it on their own accord, but sometimes they’re provoked by a menacing father figure who doesn’t like the Yankees. There were no doubt many crying little ones in Pittsburgh last night, and few made the cut and were deemed post-worthy (yes, GLS has a specific evaluation process for these matters).

However, this particular child did because of his impressive dedication to screaming “WHY?!?” and saying little else for nearly a whole minute. When the tears of a child drop to this Earth they’re mostly accompanied by loud but inaudible noises. This boy is unique, which means his future is bright.

And yes, there’s always a good chance this was staged by an evil parent and an odd child. But it’s far more fun to pretend it’s real.

Thanks, Guyism.