• Aaron Rodgers is an expert photobomber, a fact that’s been known for quite some time. This is old news too, but it just came to my attention that there’s a blog dedicated to chronicling his weekly artwork, and it’s one of the best things the Internet has ever done.
  • Brett Favre‘s name hasn’t been in a headline for a while, so someone had to ask Greg Jennings who he thinks is better between his old mega star quarterback, and his latest one. Like most of Green Bay, he favors new over old.
  • There’s a report out of Oregon that the Dolphins have contacted Chip Kelly about their head coaching vacancy. That report is reportedly false.
  • Giants veteran linebacker Chase Blackburn is busy preparing for Rodgers and the explosive Packers offense, but less than two months ago he was going through a very different kind of preparation. He was training to be an eighth-grade math teacher.
  • Cornerback Aaron Ross will go through the league’s concussion protocol this week, and if he can’t play the Giants will be forced to roll with rookie Prince Amukamara.
  • Mike Lupica takes us back to a far away time earlier this year when there was legitimate angst among the Giants fan base after the team didn’t sign Plaxico Burress, or make a strong play for Nnamdi Asomugha.
  • B.J. Raji is now doing the discount double check too.
  • For the Tim Tebow critics out there who have been pretty quiet since Sunday night, please find a way just this once to look past his completion percentage against the Steelers. Bill Barnwell explains why by any other metric, the Broncos quarterback had one of the best passing performances in recent memory.
  • Los Angeles Kings defenseman Jack Johnson Tebowed after scoring a goal last night. Eventually Tebowing will be buried alongside planking, but at this pace that dream may be several years away.
  • Joe Theismann thinks the Seahawks would be wise to select a player who doesn’t play quarterback in the first round of this year’s draft.
  • While the Giants are Lambeau bound, don’t blame the defense for the collapse of New York’s other team.
  • The problem with making bold preseason predictions is that they’re often painful to look back on in January. The Raiders Blog discovered this yesterday.
  • And to finish off this morning, here’s the Red Heat podcast and their Wild Card Weekend review…

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